About The Moment of Peace

Described by one participant as “Earth Hour for the Soul”,¬†The Moment of Peace¬†is¬†a free, non-profit, annual international event to promote more peace and happiness in our modern busy lives by sitting silently for one hour. ¬†People of all backgrounds, faiths, beliefs, races and religions are invited to celebrate this moment together. ¬†It is an ambitious project to get everyone in the world to just stop and be at peace once a year together. ¬†Started in May 2011, The Moment of Peace¬†exploded around the globe in just 8 short weeks!

A Simple Idea

“The Moment of Peace” is based on a simple idea:

That a single person being mindful and silent
can create peace for all humanity.
That single person is you!

Turn off the TV and radio, put down your arguments, differences and weapons and just sit and be mindfully silent and present with each other and life for just an hour (or you can pray and meditate).  Through doing this, we begin a process of transformation and healing both internally, externally and with those around us.

How to Participate

Silence is a simple action that anyone and everyone can do. This world movement each year is a symbolic gesture to show as individuals we can make a difference to create a better world. It starts with your ability to just stop, be silent and mindful with life, as it is, for an hour. That is all!

Participating in the “The Moment of Peace” is completely free.

You can choose to meditate or pray during this time based on your own beliefs or religion, or you can just simply sit in silence and enjoy life. Click Here to Learn More

Mindful Silence in Action

Through this act of Silence, we allow our struggles to gradually quieten down and we let go our differences. In time, our problems cease to exist in this silence – this is real peace.

Eventually we come to see that we are all united in this living experience and that we all have the same quest for peace and happiness. In the silence of being present with life, we gain a greater clarity about our meaning in life and what real peace is.

When done regularly, Mindful Silence has long-lasting benefits for yourself and those around you. Click Here to Learn More

A Unified Message

Participating in the “The Moment of Peace” sends a unified, worldwide message, not only to our leaders, but also to the rest of humanity:

  1. That change on a larger scale starts through change in ourselves.
  2. There are more constructive and effective ways than war and violence to bring peace.
  3. That people from all religious, spiritual, geographic and cultural backgrounds can actually unite harmoniously under a single, common embracing premise for the betterment of humanity
  4. It is necessary that we teach and experientially show our children how to better manage the human experience – emotions, thoughts and psyche – to live well, be happy and create peace.
  5. That we can bring peace within ourselves and in our communities by taking time to be silent regularly.
  6. That Silence, Meditation and Prayer are necessary daily life skills for our happiness and peace.

Help Spread the Word!

Our goal is to get millions of people participating in the “The Moment of Peace” in 2012. Help spread the message about the simplicity of Silence as a necessary life skill and a means to achieving real peace. Share this with a friend and be a part of “The Moment of Peace” in 2012.