Welcome to The Moment of Peace 2012

Thanks to everyone who participated in 2012!

We’ve joined forces with MedMob and DoAsOne
to hold the ‘The Moment of Peace’¬†in 300+ cities worldwide!

Imagine millions of people in cities all over the world,
filling our streets, parks and halls, sitting silently together in peace for an hour!
This is the vision for ‘The Moment of Peace’.
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The Moment of Peace on Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

Video – The Moment of Peace on Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

Here are some photos from today’s The Moment of Peace gathering at the famous Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia at sunset. Enjoy! Thanks everyone who came along and participated. ¬†It was a great night! Please be sure to send us your photos and video. Post them on our FB page or email them to info [@] [...]
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Enjoy Peace With The Ones You Love

Video – Enjoy Peace With The Ones You Love

There are many people who make sacrifices and give up their time to make this event a success. I want to thank you all, your efforts are appreciated. In the background however are countless others who support them as well. 3 days ago was my wedding anniversary and we never got to celebrate it and [...]
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The Moment of Peace Video Still

Video – The Moment of Peace for 2012

Here is a video presentation I just recorded for The Moment of Peace 2012. I look forward to joining you all in just 2 short days for The Moment of Peace. In Peace and Kindness, Dean ‘Jagaro’ Crabb (Sorry about the bad lighting, if you haven’t seen the news, a lot of storms in Sydney [...]
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Andrew Jobling

Be Open to Receive by Andrew Jobling

While promoting The Moment of Peace last year I was fortunate enough to meet a lovely man and author by the name of Andrew Jobling.  Here is an inspiring article by him.  You can read more about him here and subscribe to his weekly newsletter if you like. http://www.andrewjobling.com.au/ Keep on giving but … Be Open [...]
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Group Hug

Coming Home to Peace

Just arrived back from Shanghai, exhausted and tired, to a lovely home cooked meal from my beautiful wife and a big hug from my 2 y/o old son. It is nice to be home. And thanks for continuing to support and grow The Moment of Peace in my absence, I really appreciate it (Sorry I [...]
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Tea in Shanghai

Respecting People and Tea

So I am still in Shanghai and today was my first day sightseeing around the city.  Really lovely and clean and really lovely people. I went for a tea ceremony today and enjoyed some really lovely tea, only to be shocked at how expensive the tea was.  When I checked with some locals afterwards they [...]
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No Facebook in Shanghai

I’m actually in Shanghai this week doing some work but what I didn’t know is that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are not even accessible here. ¬†If you even use the keyword “facebook” in a google search, you get dead air! ¬†Nothing! ¬†In fact access is so limited I couldn’t even google for a new image [...]
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